CardinalChain, Inc.


Are you interested in advancing your career beyond vanilla web-application or client application development?
Working for CardinalChain, you can obtain the experience of developing mission critical financial systems with new cutting-edge technology.

We have a track-record of developing a production system for a large crypto-currency exchange in Japan, as well as various financial systems for large financial institutions.
Our core team members have expensive experience in financial industry and large scale on-line services, working for large securities firms and EC service companies.
Our development centers spread across Tokyo, United States, Canada and Russia, collaborating in a global scale.

We provide a working environment that pushes you to grow.
If you want to advance your technology career in a global level, CardinalChain is here for you.

Shall we make a new era of financial industries together, using cutting-edge technology?

Agile Development Style

Our developers communicate in Slack constantly across globe with tasks managed by ticketing system.
Source code and documents are managed by Git servers, the quality is assured with constant peer-review and fully automated massive test programs. Our primary development language is Java and our choice of IDE is IntelliJ Ultimate. Our work style is fairly flexible depending on the roles of engineers and projects.

Our Work

  • Design and development of crypto-currency trading system
  • Development of distributed trading system framework.
  • Development of crypto-currency/block-chain security framework and Research
  • Consultation to financial institutions.

We need you

CardinalChain is for you, if you are interested in :

  • New business development with crypto-currency/block-chain technology.
  • Block-chain technology and crypto-currencies, such as BitCoin , Ethereum.
  • Acquiring the experience in financial system domain

We welcome someone :

  • Who has an experience of developing on-oline services in a team environment.
  • Who can execute the solid process of software product development
  • Who values good teamwork, prompt communication among team members.


  • Working experience of Java or other major object-oriented language (3 years or more)
  • Working experience of Spring or Spring-boot framework.
  • Knowledge of crypto-currency/block-chain technology.
Welcome condition
  • Experience in developing mission-critical financial systems.
  • Working experience of distributed transaction systems
  • Knowledge and/or working experience in DevOp-style system operation
  • Fluent in English (at least in writing/reading).