CardinalChain, Inc.

Blockchain &

Blueprint for the Future

Over recent years, the crypto-currencies, such as BitCoin, have become widely known by general public and used for payments in some commercial trades.
These crypto-currencies and their transactions are represented by indestructible, immalleable records

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Company Name :
CardinalChain Software Inc.
Founded :
March 2018
Head Office :
666 Burrard Street, Suite 500,
Vancouver BC, V6C 3P6, Canada

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Since the dawn of the internet age, our core-members have been developing various online financial trading systems and services, armed with innovative distributed object-oriented technologies.
Our products and core technologies have been used large online securities firms, and other system integrators in their financial systems.

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Are you interested in advance your career beyond vanilla web-application or client application development?
Working for CardinalChain, you can obtain the experience of developing mission critical financial systems with new cutting-edge technology.
If you want to advance your technology career in a global level, we are here for you.

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666 Burrard Street, Suite 500,
Vancouver BC, V6C 3P6, Canada
Tel : +1-(236) 862-4812 
Mail :