CardinalChain, Inc.

A Revolution of Money as Big as
What Internet was for Information.

Over recent years, the crypto-currencies, such as Bitcoin, have become widely known by general public and used for payments in some commercial trades.

These crypto-currencies and their transactions are represented by indestructible, immalleable records on the computer network, consisting of thousands of servers all over the world. With this characteristics, the crypto-currencies are about to liberate "money", bringing the true revolution how our trades are conducted among people.

As the recent speculative fever of crypto-currencies, a common phenomenon on the eve of new era, has been gradually subsided, the regulators of many nations formally have accepted and recognized the crypto-currencies as regulated financial instruments. The true value of the crypto-currencies and the block-chain, as their underlying technology, have emerged as the historical game changer of the commerce and financial systems.

Track Records of Innovation in
Financial Systems

Since the dawn of the internet age, our core-members have been developing various online financial trading systems and services, armed with innovative distributed object-oriented technologies.

Our products and core technologies have been used large online securities firms, and other system integrators in their financial systems.

Also, our crypto-currency and block-chain technology has been adopted by a large crypto-currency exchange, currently operating in production.

Engineers without Boarders
An International Team Helping Each Others to Grow

We are a group of highly skilled international team, developing systems in our offices spread across Tokyo(Japan), Vancouver(Canada), Silicon Valley(USA) and St. Petersburg(Russia).

We are aggressively expanding our team hiring new engineers in each locations. The new members are supposed to work one of those offices initially. However, depending on the preference and performance, the engineers shall be given a chance to relocate to other office of their choice.

New members shall be assigned to on-going projects using crypto-currency, block-chain and smart-contract technology. Furthermore, since our team has the know-how and track-records of server-side distributed object-oriented technology accumulated over decades of experience. The new members shall have chance to learn from such seasoned and time-proven technical knowledge, to grow as skilled international engineers.

Blueprint for the Future

We aspire to make people's life better by contributing the historic revolution of commerce fully exploiting the block-chain technology in various financial systems.

As engineers, we see the opportunity of our life-time to change the world for the better by applying our technical skills.

We are just a small group of dedicated engineers. Yet, taking advantages of being small, we can push forward to apply right technology for right cause to create right financial systems to server all the people in the world, regardless of their nationalities and sociopolitical backgrounds.